transmissionsWhatever type of vehicle you drive, the transmission is one of the most important and complex components of your system. This component puts in a lot of hard work every single day and needs to be well maintained and serviced by an expert to prevent excessive wear and failure. At Holden’s Auto Service, our team members are experts when it comes to auto repair and transmissions.

Manual Transmission Repair

People who drive vehicles with a manual transmission are allowed more control over the power and performance of their transmission, which is a major benefit. Manual transmissions also typically need less maintenance in the long run, which is another major benefit. That being said, when you drive a manual transmission, your clutch will be in heavy use and need to be inspected and maintained. Holden’s Auto Service can do that!

Automatic Transmission Repair

An automatic transmission allows you to let your transmission do the work for you, but that automation requires complicated parts that not just any mechanic can service or repair. When it is time to service or repair your automatic transmission, Holden’s Auto Service is able to combine our state of the art facility with the expertise of our technicians to deliver you with accurate, reliable, and unbeatable repair and service.

Transmission Service

As with all the major systems and components in your vehicle, your transmission needs proper service and maintenance to preserve its integrity and increase its lifespan. One of the most important transmission maintenance services is the transmission fluid flush and replacement.

Transmission fluid lubricates the inner parts fo your transmission to reduce friction and prevent excessive wear and tear. A standard transmission service only removes some of the fluid and can’t adequately clean your transmission.  This is why we recommend a complete transmission fluid flush and replacement. By completely removing all of the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new, clean fluid, we are able to remove all the sludge, debris, and contaminants in your system.

When it comes to transmission service and repair, it is best left to an expert like those you will find at Holden’s Auto Service in Kingman, AZ. Whether you drive a manual or an automatic, our team of experts is happy to provide you comprehensive transmission service and repair. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

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