Computer Diagnostics

computer diagnosticsModern-day vehicles are equipped with a sophisticated computer that connects and controls all of your major systems and components. Because of this advancement in technology, the auto repair industry has experienced a similar evolution. In the hands of an expert mechanic, today’s computer diagnostics make it easier and more efficient than ever before to accurately diagnose and repair vehicle issues. Holden’s Auto Service in Kingman, AZ is a state of the art repair facility with all the latest technology and an unbeatable team of expert technicians.

Check Engine Light

What is the first thing you do when your check engine light comes on? Do you immediately drive to the nearest shop with a diagnostic scan? Do you ignore it and hope that it will go away? While we never recommend ignoring your check engine light, we do recommend that you take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for a scan rather than the nearest auto parts store.

A check engine light test may act as a road map as to where the problem is, but it takes an expert technician to use those codes, do a deeper dive under the hood, and determine exactly what the issue is. At Holden’s Auto Service, we do just that.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Your check engine light isn’t the only light on the dashboard that will clue you into car trouble. Some of the other warning lights that you might find on your dashboard include:

  • Low Fuel Light
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light
  • ABS Light
  • Engine Temperature Warning Light
  • Battery Light
  • Brake Light
  • Tire Rotation Light
  • Oil Pressure Light
  • Traction Control System Light
  • Airbag Light

If any of your dashboard warning lights are on, Holden’s Auto Service can help and is only a phone call away.

Decoding Your Dashboard

A check engine or other warning light doesn’t necessarily mean impending doom. In some cases, it could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. But that doesn’t mean you should put your diagnostics appointment off. After all, when left unattended, minor issues can turn into major and costly problems. 

When you need computer diagnostics in Kingman, AZ, you need the experts at Holden’s Auto Service. Contact us or come by our convenient location today for thorough and accurate diagnostics.

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